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Dear RKS students,


We are actively working on our upcoming "Subtle Anatomy" course,  We have had some setbacks due to the major renovation project at Kali Mandir as well as some problems in the editing of the lecture-videos. We will have to postpone the start of the course. I was hoping for a Feb. 1 start date, but  it will most likely be in late April or early March. Sorry for the delay.


Jai Ma!,

Swami Bhajanananda


A required course for the Certificate in Hindu Studies and Diploma in Applied Theology programs.

In this 8 week course we will explore the Yogic and Tantric understanding of the energetic body and its relationship to the transformative practices of spiritual practice (sadhana).  

Our approach to the subjects of this course is traditional, yet informed by contemporary scholarship and responsive to modern challenges. At Ramakrishna Seminary our focus is on the practical applications of religious thought and philosophy to the active spiritual lives of our students. Emphasis is given to personal spiritual development, cultural authenticity and service of God in the world.

This course consists of 8 modules, one module per week. Materials for this course will be a combination of original content (such as live webinars, recordings, and writings from the instructor) and curated content (such as PDFs of articles, essays and selections from books and journals, readings from textbooks, and links to online videos and articles). 

Each Monday students will have access to the new module’s study material which includes a comprehensive lecture by the instructor presented as six 25-minute videos. Every Sunday, from 3:30-5pm (PST) the instructor will guide a live webinar via Zoom for questions and discussion on the weeks module. Recordings of webinars will be posted within a few hours of the live meetings for those who could not attend.

Tuition for this course (originally $500) has been reduced to $350 in consideration of the financial strain that many are experiencing due to COVID-19

Your Instructor


Rev. Dr. Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati


A Hindu monk, priest, author, and educator with more than twenty-six years of experience in presenting the teachings and practices of Sanatana Dharma, Indian philosophy, Tantric rituals, and the devotional schools.



Most study material for this course will be provided by the instructor as part of the modules, but students are requested to acquire Chakras, Energy Centers of Transformation and Tantra: Path of Ecstasy.  These two books can be purchased from TheDevaShop.com, and may also be available from other online booksellers. The Course Reader will be available directly from the Seminary. 

Chakras book cover.jpg

Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation

by Harish Johari,

Destiny Books , 2000

Pundit Johari's text is among the best of Western explications, combining traditional, visionary, and practical views. Chakras is illustrated, detailed, accessible to the neophyte, and notable for its valuable discussion of Tantric vocabulary.


Tantra path of ecstasy cover.jpg

Tantra: Path of Ecstasy

by Georg Feuerstein

Destiny Books , 2000

Dr. Feuerstein offers readers a clear understanding of authentic Tantra, removing many common misconceptions, providing an accessible introduction to the history, philosophy, and practice of this extraordinary spiritual tradition.


Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 4.00.26 PM.png

Course Reader

for Subtle Anatomy 2021

Compiled by Swami Bhajanananda Sararswati for Ramakrishna Seminary 2021

Spiral-bound collection of articles, selections from books and journals, graphics, and other supportive material for this course.


Evaluation of Student Performance



This course is worth 3 Seminary Credits, and can be taken for either Credit or No Credit.

No Credit Option

Students not taking the course to earn Seminary Credits are not required to turn in written assignments or a final paper, but are expected to participate in online lectures and discussions and keep up with assigned readings and other materials.

Credit Option


Attendance and Class Participation

Students, who are taking this course for Seminary credit, are expected to attend weekly online lectures and discussions. If students must miss a live lecture, they are expected to watch the recording of the session and to participate in the discussion forum.


Class assignments

Each module includes assigned reading and/or engagement with other curated material such as articles, videos, audio files, PDFs, etc. These assignments and their supporting material will be available on these Course Support Pages. Short writing assignments that may be assigned should be emailed to the instructor as Word files.

Final paper

At approximately the halfway point of the course several topics will be suggested for students to choose from for their writing project. The final paper should be six to twelve pages in length and be handed in or emailed to the instructor as a Word file within a week after the final day of the course.


Attendance and class participation    40%

Class assignments                                    40%

Final paper                                                  20%

90% - 100%     A (Credit)

80% -89%        B (Credit)

70% - 69%       C (Credit)

Under 70%      No Credit

Accessing Course Modules 

Click on the module links below to access online meetings, supportive materials, and assignments

(Access restricted to enrolled students)

January 18 - January 24



Tantra, Yoga, and Cosmic  Evolution


Available Jan. 18th

Access Module 1

January 25 - January 31



Antarkarana, Koshas, Prana, and Nadis


Available Jan. 25th

Access Module 2

February 1 - February 7



Kundalini and the Chakra System


Available Feb. 1st

Access Module 3

February 8 - February 14


STEERING WHEELS OF PRANA ~ Asana, Bandha, Mudra, Pranayama, and Kriya


Available Jan. 24th

Access Module 4


February 15 - February 21



Svara, Svara Yoga, and Yogic Therapy


Available Feb 15th

Access Module 5

February 22 - February 28



Bhuta Shuddhi and Tantrci Ritual


Available Feb 22nd

Access Module 6

March 1 - March 7



Puja, Mantra, Dharana, and Dhyana


Available March 1st

Access Module 7

March 8 - March 14


VISUALIZING THE DIVINE ~ Subtle Anatomy in Tantric Imagery and Myth


Available March 8th

Access Module 8