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In this elective scripture study course Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati will guide students verse-by-verse through this little-known Goddess scripture, basing his interpretation on traditional commentates, Shakta siddhanta, and classical hermeneuticstics.


Classes will be interactive on Zoom for RKS students every Wednesday from 7pm through 8pm (PST), and will also be broadcast on Facebook and Youtube for the wider devotee community. Recordings of these session will be posted withing a few hours of the live meeting for students who could not attend live. 

Registered students will also have access to supportive study material  such as  video and audio recordings, and writings from the instructor and curated content such as PDFs of articles, essays, and selections from books and journals, readings from textbooks, and links to online videos and articles. 

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This scripture study course is being offered tuition-free to enrolled student of the Ramakrishna Seminary.  While the course is offered free of charge, please consider making a donation to support the seminary if you are able.




Your Instructor



Rev. Dr. Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati


A Hindu monk, priest, educator, and Dean of the Seminary with more than twenty-six years of experience in presenting the teachings and practices of Sanatana Dharma, Indian philosophy, Tantric rituals, and the devotional schools.



For this course we will primarily be using the translation by C. Makenzie Brown in our discussions.
We greatly encourage students to procure his The Devi Gita, the Song of the Goddess: a Translation, Annotation, and Commentary. This is at present the best study resource on the Devi Gita in print.
(As this book can be expensive, we will provide registered students was a PDF of only the verses.)
We also suggest getting Ramamurthy Natarajan's inexpensive Śrī Devī Gīta as a sportive alternative translation.


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The Devī Gītā: The Song of the Goddess: A Translation, Annotation, and Commentary by C. Mackenzie Brown

State University of Yew York Press, 1998

Dr. Cheveer Mackenzie Brown is Professor of Religion at Trinity University, specializing in the development of Goddess theology in Hindu textual traditions.


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Śrī Devī Gīta

by Dr. Ramamurthy Natarajan

‎India ISBN Agency, 2020

The verses are provided in Samskrutam and with lucid meaning in English.


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