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To inquire about applying for a program or registering for a course offered by Ramakrishna Seminary, please fill out our application form, including some of your spiritual and educational background and interests.

Decisions about enrollment are made by the faculty of Ramakrishna Seminary.

Note: We do not deny enrollment to any student based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, sampradaya (lineage), varna (class/caste), or ashram (stage of life).


In keeping with the gurukulam tradition, we try to keep classes small, personal and intimate.


We admit only ten students at a time for on campus classes, and online distant learning courses are limited to fifteen students per course.


Valuing our spiritual independence, we operate under Religious Exemption 94874 of the California State Board of Education's Education Code, and do not seek external accreditation.


All courses, certificates and degrees offered by Ramakrishna Seminary are religious in nature and meant for the personal enrichment of spiritual seekers.  Prior to enrollment, students should not assume that credits will be accepted by secular and other private schools, colleges, businesses or governmental agencies.

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