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Introduction to Simple Kali Puja

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This seminar was presented live online over two evenings. Students will be taught the method of performing a simple ritual worship of Goddess Kali, as outlined in Simple Kali Puja published by Kali Mandir. We will focus on the meaning of the rituals, proper procedure and pronunciation of the mantras.

Materials for this course will be a combination of original content (such video and audio recordings, and writings from the instructor) and curated content (such as PDFs of articles, essays, and selections from books and journals, readings from textbooks, and links to online videos and articles). 

By participating in any program or course given by Ramakrishna Seminary, students consent to our Terms and Conditions Agreement.

The $50 tuition for this seminar is being waved out of consideration for the financial hardship that the present COVID-19 crisis may be causing our students. While the course is offered free of charge, please consider making a donation to support the seminary if you are able.




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Simple Kali Puja,

Instructions for the Worship of Dakshina Kali

by Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati, Kali Mandir 2011

This booklet is a guide to learning simple Mother worship in the Hindu tradition.  Kali Mandir's head priest Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati presents a simplified ritualistic worship of Goddess Kali that can easily be performed regularly.  Based on ancient Tantric scriptures, the mantras and rituals contained in this puja-book come to us from the tradition of the Dakshineswar Kali temple where Sri Ramakrishna lived and worshipped the Divine Mother with an awe-inspiring intensity for over thirty years.  This book contains an overview of puja and includes the transliterated Sanskrit mantras with English translations as well as instructions for a five-item worship of Mother Kali.  This is the simplest Kali puja that is still authentic and complete for easy learning and memorization and is ideal for daily home practice.  Booklet.  36 pp. with drawings.


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