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Developing Courses 

Second Year Curriculum
leading a Diploma in Applied Theology

These class and courses are scheduled for 2020

Theology, the Queen of the Sciences

Theology is the study of the nature of Divinity, religious thought, and belief . This course investigates the history, methods, traditions and discoveries of Western and Eastern theological thought with an emphasis on Hinduism and mysticism. 

Hermeneutics, the art of interpretation

This course will train students in the principles of  interpreting sacred text; speech; story; symbol and doctrine, considering logic; linguistics; history; personal and cultural assumptions; and the tension between the insider/practitioner and outsider/academic approaches and conclusions.

God is One, Approaches to Religious Pluralism

This course investigates the challenge of religious pluralism in the light of the radical teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, and considers the  historical, political, philosophical, dogmatic, social and mystical aspects of finding the spiritual core among conflicting truth claims. 

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“Kali-Brahman”, Ramakrishna and the New Dispensation  

Investigating the philosophical, religious and cultural implications of Sri Ramakrishna's radical theological revelations, such as the Motherhood of God, the transcendent unity of religion, and the mystical path of love and devotion.

Mysticism, the Path of Union

Exploration of intimate religious experience, its role in the Hindu tradition and diversity across religious traditions.

Religion and Ethics 

The study of moral conduct and our responsibility to others from a spiritual perspective. Examples from Hindu scriptures and spiritual teachers will be engaged.

Philosophy of Religion

The philosophical study of the meaning and nature of religion, including concepts, beliefs, terms, arguments, and practices of religious adherents. We will focus on themes in Hinduism as well as broader themes of World Religion.

Mythology, East and West

The study and interpretation of sacred stories, histories, myths, and metaphors.

Introduction to Sanskrit

Devanagari script and introductory grammatical concepts.






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