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The Diploma in Applied Theology is our two-year core curriculum for serious spiritual aspirants who wish to study, investigate and contemplate the nature of Divinity; the history, theories and practices of Hinduism; themes in Eastern and Western religious thought; the worship of the Divine Feminine; and the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and his disciples, in relation to their own spiritual formation. The diploma program consists of course, classes, lectures, discussions, readings, written assignments, and intensive retreats. Many courses can also be taken independently of the Diploma program.

The Pujari/Archaka Training Program is designed for those called to serve God and their spiritual communities through Hindu worship. Students will develop proficiency in the mantras, rituals, philosophy and lifestyle necessary to serve the Hindu, devotee and interfaith community as pujaris (priests), or to perform traditional ritual worship as part of their personal spiritual practice. 

Talks, interviews, conversations, and panel discussions with thinkers, scholars, teachers and practitioners. Students enrolled in any of our programs or courses will be able to take part in these live round table sessions. Recordings will be part of an video/audio podcast archival library, accessible to students, alumni and


As our program develops and our students progress, we hope to be able to offer professional/religious degrees in the future.

The Masters in Theological Studies (ThM) degree is for students who have completed the Diploma in Applied Theology and who wish to continue their theological education and training in specific areas of study. The Master’s degree requires personalized guided study with senior instructors and completion of a Master’s Thesis.


Students who have previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in a related field from another institution may work on the Master of Theological Studies degree concurrently with the Diploma in Applied Theology.

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The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) is designed for experienced spiritual aspirants, clergy, and monastics who want to strengthen the connection between theology, spiritual practice and religious service.

The Doctor of Theology (ThD) is designed for those interested in perusing theological scholarly research.

Doctoral students must have completed the Diploma in Applied Theology and have the earned a Master’s degree, either from Ramakrishna Seminary or from another institution in a related field. The degree requires personalized guided study with senior instructors, and completion of a Doctoral dissertation or equivalent project.


Students who have previously earned a Master’s degree in a related subject may work on the Doctor degree concurrently with the Diploma in Applied Theology.

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